Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today, Paige and Paden went on their first LIMO ride. We had a fundraiser at school, and if you sold (...or if MOMMY sold) $250.00 worth of cookie dough then you got to ride in the LIMO to a pizza party. Well, needless to say mommy sold over $500.00 in cookie dough to get both of them in the LIMO. They were soooooooo excited!!! When the LIMO got to the school, it was a Hummer none the less. Paige said, I thought we were going in a LIMO? They had a great time!!!


Paden, not wanting to wait long enough to let me take his picture!!!

Paden is ready to go!!!

Paige getting into the LIMO!!!

Paige and her friend Allie are ready to ride!!!


Regina and David said...

That's A LOT of cookie dough! Wish I had some of it :) Looks like they had a blast. How exciting for them. Funny that Paige didn't think that was a limo.

Lynn said...

Wow, how fun. Glad you all had a good time. Looks like fun. Love ya, Lynn