Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun...

This has been a very busy past few weeks. We have had many changes come into play, more on that in the next few weeks. In the middle of all the changes we have taken some time out for some summer fun. The kids love to swim, so swim we do. You will see in these pictures that Paige and Paden have on floaties, they were not happy about it. I made them wear them because I have a fear of them getting scared in the water without them on. They are very good swimmers, and have never had swimming lessons. It just comes natural to them. I was going to put them in swimming lessons, but they just do so well without them. Emmy may take them, but she is even doing great. The other day we got to the pool, and for about 45 min. we were the only ones there. The life guard on duty is a friend of ours, so she got in the water and the kids took off the floaties and jumped off the diving board. They swam so good without them, I was very proud of them. Needless to say they are swimming without floaties. It is kind of sad for me, just another step in them becoming a big girl/boy. We hope everyone has a great summer.