Wednesday, June 9, 2010

iRepair iPhones

Joseph ( I think of him as my Mr. FIX it) has had an iPhone ever since the first day they came out. He sat in line for hours, and paid way too much the first go round to get one. After Apple came out with a 3g iPhone, JD gave me his 2g. Soon after I got his 2g I broke the glass on the front. It was going to cost way too much to get a new one, so we went and got a new 3g. Apple has since come out with a 3gs iPhone. JD decided he did not need the 3gs because the upgrades had not changed that much. In the mean time I broke yet another glass front, and my home button stopped working twice. Well after he sent my phone off to get the home button repaired he decided to study up on how to fix them. Three weeks later my home button quit working again so Joseph decided to fix it himself. He ordered the parts and had it fixed in a night. He also fixed my front glass that broke. What he has to do does not look easy, but he does a great job. At work he offered to fix a few phones and picked up a few bucks here and there. He has since decided to start a small business fixing them. He has had a great response from the ad he placed on Craig's List. I am glad he is enjoying this! Apple has also introduced the iPhone 4, and I think we both have our eyes set on getting one.

JD working on an iPhone earlier today...

The screws are so tiny,,,