Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I LoVe to see you SMILE...

Today we ALL went to the dentist. I was happy and a little sad. I was happy that only one of the kiddos needed extra work, but sad that my Emmy didn't want me to hold her. I have never been to the dentist with the kids and not had to hold one of my babies. Today it happened! Emmy climbed into the chair and said I'll do it by myself. ( I almost wanted to cry ) On another note... They did good and had good behavior. That makes me very proud!

My BIG girl...

Paden was so funny... He kept wanting to know if she was going to pull any of his teeth, and then he wanted to know why he had so many teeth. He said, I have like 40 of them. ( He only has 20)

Paige was so NeRvOuS... She is the one that wanted to sit in my lap... Ha