Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again...

Back several years ago I saw an ornament I liked and decided that I would try and paint one myself. I walked down the hall with it at school, and that is where the story begins. That year I painted about 70 ornaments, and last year it was over 100. That may not sound like a ton, but each ornament takes around one hour to paint. This year I have decided not to take as many orders. I just need to spend more time with my husband and kids. I will take orders, but first come first serve...ha I have a very hard time saying NO! If you need one/some give me a call. I have already taken several orders and got one for 10 more this morning. So don't wait, call me SOON! I am doing a new cross this year and I have a new idea for a 2011 ( Happy New Year) ornament.