Sunday, November 23, 2008

The hats are on again!!!

This year Paige wanted a pink hat, and because Paige has a pink one Emily had to have the same one. Needless to say that the hat is a one size fits some. I think it is sweet that Emmy wants to do everything that sissy does, sissy does not feel the same. Paige is getting to that age where she is starting to know more than everyone else. Her daddy and I remind her often that she has a long way to go. Now that she is getting older we want her to stay younger longer than we think she will.

Paden found one of his daddy's old ones, and anything that daddy does is the best thing ever. I have never known a boy who loved their daddy that much. He would follow him off a cliff. I think daddy eats it up if you ask me!


Regina and David said...

Cute photos. I love the pink hats!

Lynn said...

I need me a pink hat. CUTE.

pat f. said...

You go girls. Love those hats. I had a little sister, Paige. I know how you feel. One day she will be your best friend. Paden and Joseph are both very blessed to have that relationship.