Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with the Crows...

Christmas morning we always go to my parent's house. We open gifts, and then we go to my Granny's house for lunch. (Across the road) We always follow the same tradition each year. Just like many families we spend our Christmas driving from place to place.

These are all the "Crow" grandchildren. Anna Claire (6), Paige (7), Reid (8), Emily Grace (4), Austin (12), and Paden (6).

This is my mom and dad with the kids. Billy and Barbara (AKA...Nana and Granddaddy)

Happy 60th Birthday Granddaddy Billy. My dad's birthday is Christmas day, that has to stink! He is a good sport about it!!! This year he got an official Boston Red Sox jacket.

This is Joseph and Reid playing Paden's new PSP.