Saturday, December 27, 2008

A night with FRIENDS...

Last night, we went to see our good friends Rodney and Robyn and their girls. We had a good time just chillin with them. We went to eat at Back Yard Burger. We had six kids with us, so we were looking for a play area. Dinner is always better when you can dump the kids in an enclosed area. We really enjoy getting together with them, and sharing or lives with each other. Rodney and Joseph worked together at Harmony Baptist, and have been close ever since.

All six kids, boy were they ready for us to leave. We did only have one spill!!!

Emmy and Savannah

Paige, Tori, Paden, and Robyn's brothers's son, Corblin.

Joseph doing his favorite thing, talking on the phone.

Rodney and Robyn

On our way back to their house, we stopped and let the little ones visit the Chautauqua Park Christmas light festival. (Savannah and Emmy) This is a Christmas tradition for my children, and because we moved we almost missed out on it. I'm glad that Emmy got to see it at least. Sorry Paige and Paden, better luck next year! They rode with the guys.

Savannah and Emmy both wanted to go sit in the church, we did let them sit on the steps.

Emmy and Savannah

The girls were in sandals and flops, Dec. 26th. (Only in MISSISSIPPI)

This is a shout out to my friend Robin C. Nice job!!! This is the display for her husbands business.


Regina and David said...

Glad you had a fun night out. I love the pic of Bro. Joseph on the phone- how funny.